What AI means for Marketing!

Something is missing from your current marketing strategy.

As experienced businesses can attest, customers’ demands are constant — for better prices, faster deliver and smoother customer service. And you had better keep up, because there are more alternatives than ever before. It’s not uncommon for a customer to simultaneously check out your product while comparing features and price to dozens of analogs across the web. Customers take all of these into consideration when making the most important decision — whether to purchase.

Identifying the perfect product is a challenge for consumers, but it also presents a challenge for businesses. How can you ensure your customer is perceiving your offering in the right way? In order to sell to an informed consumer, you must remain one step ahead — that means understanding their preferences, how their interests are changing and what’s going on in their lives. Unfortunately, those are details traditional marketing methods just can’t uncover.

That’s where AI-driven marketing comes in. AI isn’t magic, and it won’t provide you with a one-size-fits-all solution. But it is based on powerful science, and will allow you to identify data patterns and make complex computations that humans simply can’t manage. Markets looking to transform their methods and enable radical business growth should take a closer look at AI tools capable of examining customers’ purchase patterns and predicting future purchase decisions.

To see this technology in action, look no further than Amazon, which leverages machine learning to boost their marketing strategy. Amazon begins with hover-over interactions to determine what products a customer is taking a closer look at, allowing them to analyze customer behavior without a click. Based on those subtle gestures and interactions, Amazon can fine-tune the product selection to present customers with the personalized experience most likely to result in a purchase. AI stands at the core of this entire streamlined process, accounting for as many factors and data points as possible to provide Amazon with a sense of how best to personalize targeted marketing for each individual customer.

Amazon has mastered these techniques, allowing them to boost sales and customer engagement significantly. But you don’t need an Amazon budget to take advantage of AI. If you’re ready to revolutionize your marketing strategy, it’s time to take a closer look at AI-driven tools. After all, the best customer service begins with knowing exactly what customers want — and providing it in a simple, accessible way.

What do you think of AI’s role in your marketing efforts?

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About the Author: Veda Konduru is the Founder and CEO of VectorScient. In her current role, Veda is responsible for crafting and executing VectorScient’s strategy. Veda also serves as Chief Product Architect for VectorScient’s Predictive Marketing Cloud. Prior to launching VectorScient, Veda spent more than 10 years in corporate world, architecting and building software applications for Sales, Demand Forecasting and Supply Chain, with reputation for excellence in product quality, Customer Focus and engagement. Veda blends her Statistics background with Machine Learning and Data Science to create truly world-class Predictive Analytics product. She holds Master’s degree in Computer Sciences.