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Letter sent on Sep 29, 2017

Weekly Selection

Is this the first computer visualization?

By Adventures in Data — 3 min read.

For a while, I’ve been on the hunt for what might qualify as the first computer data visualization.

Do Data Science Faster

By Rob Thomas — 3 min read.

AI is the goal for many enterprises. But, an organization needs machine learning, in order to do AI. And, machine learning is not possible without analytics.

Academic ecosystem is damaged, here’s how we should restore it

By Sofija Melnikaite — 8 min read.

I was halfway through my master’s in organisational psychology at University College London when I realised the ecosystem of academia is damaged and currently we are not doing much to restore it.

PyTorch tutorial distilled

By Illarion Khlestov — 7 min read.

When I first started study PyTorch, I drop it after a few days. It was hard for me to get core concepts of this framework comparing with the TensorFlow.

Using Scrapy to Build your Own Dataset

By Michael Galarnyk — 7 min read.

When I first started working in industry, one of the things I quickly realized is sometimes you have to gather, organize, and clean your own data.

Amsterdam’s Environmental Saviour: The Circular Economy

By Lauren Macpherson — 9 min read.

Raw materials are a finite resource. As the number of industries which rely on these resources increases (e.g. metals for smartphones and tablets) so does the number of consumers.

What are the recurring topics in TED

By Hannah Yan Han — 3 min read.

Today I explored TED talks data, their topics and viewerships. Given the diversity of ideas at TED, the talks often have several related themes and tags.

How five businesses are using AI and big data today

By Clark Boyd — 8 min read.

Predictive analytics can be defined as a form of data mining that uses statistical modeling to analyze historical patterns, and then uses these models to project future outcomes.