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Letter sent on Nov 15, 2017

November Edition: Speech Recognition

6 Must-Read Articles

Detecting bats by recognising their sound with Tensorflow

By Roland Meertens — 10 min read.

Last week I discovered that there are bats behind my appartment. I immediately grabbed my “bat detector”: a device that converts the ultrasound signals bats use to echolocate from an inaudible frequency range to an audible one.

Can you hear me now? Far-field voice

By Jerry Lu — 9 min read.

In this post, I will examine the first step in that value chain, the initial pickup of voice signals, and identify opportunities where startups can succeed.

Tutorial: Asynchronous Speech Recognition in Python

By Pres Nichols — 5 min read.

A (fairly) simple technique for using Google’s kinda-sorta-really confusing Speech Recognition API

Audio processing in TensorFlow

By Dario Cazzani — 6 min read.

In this post we will explain how we implemented it and provide the code so that the Short Time Fourier Transform can be used anywhere in the computation graph.

Speech Recognition: a Lazy Dog Primer

By Lucian Lita — 8 min read.

A good friend and I were recently chatting about speech recognition apps over dinner. Yes, we are those people. The stereotypical geeks, one table over, getting animated about technologies, startups, and change.

Analyze public discourse on refugees with cleanNLP

By Hannah Yan Han — 3 min read.

Continuing from a previous post What does UN talk about when it talks about refugees, I’ll be analyzing the action-driven words in UNHCR speeches and also touch on the TV coverage among news media, using cleanNLP and newsflash package in R.

We also thank all the great new writers who joined us recently, Kirill Eremenko, Sanjeev Agrawal, Russell Jurney, Felix Mohr, Takuma Seno, Maxim Zaks, Heidi Waterhouse, Ugo Cupcic, Kade Killary, Sebastian Quintero, Thomas Hsain, Leonard Bogdonoff, Tom Joyce, Valeria Cortez, Ashwini Sarode, Sophie Riwaters and many others. We invite you to take a look at their profiles and check out their work.