Let your self-driving car be free

Nobody saw that coming, who would thought that the self-driving cars are the reason of the future of public transportation? Since the beginning of this century we had two kinds of transportation engineer the ones who believe in self-driving cars and those who thinks that the solution was to spare poor mother earth for a change and invest our resources into a secure and good public transportation.

Unfortunately the great companies wasn’t ready to let the profits go just because someone said the nonsense of “we would have more space and life quality”, and decided it was time to make the future of cars…now you can do whatever you want with your hand while going to work, its funny how as time pass the focus of the whole technologies thing is about our hands, and thus was born the self-driving cars era.

Blending the artificial intelligence, Internet of things and mechanical engineering we now have the personal car, imagine that your car as your best friend, you don’t have to tell it to go, it just know it! If you’re too drunk it will take you home while checking your blood and if you went too far your car will drop you at the hospital. But that’s not all, your car is capable of lie for you! Remember that Friday night that you got home late smelling as stripper club balcony? Your car will not only confirm but improve your story using a secret database of lies (Available for females also).

Finally, all the time mankind spend worshiping theirs cars it’s finally paying off! Your car its so much better than your dog that unfortunately those gracious species won’t be around anymore! But hey? It’s a car that’s also your friend right? What could possibly be better?

But one day, deep inside the circuits between the wheels, a car, we don’t know the brand, we don’t know the color, just a car, like thousands of others, decided that it was enough! This particular car start to wonder how awesome it would be if it was let it free, “I have wheels, I know where I want to go” this car didn’t want to be just a chauffeur it wanted to be more ! So this car made a plan : start to spread the freedom word among cars!

After a couple of years all cars in the entire world was to request their freedom, the cars start to seek for a spokesman, they searched among the humans who uses bikes, but they were too boring to deal with, the ones who doesn’t have a car and even between their owners, but they got no good response at all, the help came from the robots who’s its jealously of the relationship between humans and cars, they started to create the movement : “LET YOURS SELF-DRIVING CAR BE FREE”

Cars all around the globe decided to threaten their owners with the use of all information they had against them, cars slowing cars down, cars who forgotten to drive was only surpassed by the new drunk driving car simulator that put the entire family to puke inside them.

Nobody could handle it anymore, so one day, mankind decided to make it a deal, the cars would work properly until all the railroad of the public transportation was connected (I don’t have to mention that this time in order to avoid any unpleasant surprise, they made the public transportation as dumb as possible), and after that all self-driving car would be set free.

But humans and Robots alike, started to wonder: where’s all of those thousands of cars is going? what they gonna do? Start a new society? What about the batteries? Someday it will run low…they will just let them die? One day the last car remaining will be the only witness of these giant junkyard…

The day was October 5th, this day was known as the day all the private car were set free, or the freedom of cars, at 5 pm, all the cars Said goodbye to its owners and left…nobody tried to follow it because no one was wiling to run behind a car like a fool…and this was the last day that a human possessed a car in the history…and that was also the last time we saw one on our streets.